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Benjamin Cox from my novelette, "The Paradise That Never Was," (which is part of the larger "Sam in New York" canon) as the Four of Cups tarot card. See here for the collection of my "Sam in New York" tarot deck sorting :

Learn more about him here:

I chose the Four of Cups to represent Ben because he is someone who struggles with facing reality. He has thrown himself deep into religion and academic study to escape the problems plaguing his life - his loveless marriage, lack of real friends, and his inability to heal from the scars of his abusive childhood. For all of his intelligence and wit (and maybe because of these traits), Ben is unable to escape the constraints that he has erected for himself.

The Four of Cups represents the following:
Meditation, contemplation, apathy, reevaluation.

In relationships, the Four of Cups represents:
bored with love life, lack of excitement in relationship

In terms of career, it represents:
bored with job, feeling unhappy with job or career, lack of progress

This fits Ben perfectly.