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Here's the next card in my #tarotdeck, Sam from my @tapas_app #graphicnovel "Sam in New York" (read here: as "The Fool"!

I imagine Sam will be wearing this outfit in canon when auditioning for certain roles. Also, he will be wearing this as his fantasy alter-ego, Samiel, in @tete.depunk's @tapas_app novel, "Scale, Blood, and Bone" (which you can read here:

Why the Fool? The Fool is someone daring and creative (like our boy here) and symbolizes the beginning of a new journey. Sam wants to start a new journey since he doesn't want to be a lawyer like his parents want him to be. Instead, he wants to be a famous actor, even though he doesn't have any connections in that field.

In reverse, the Fool symbolizes naivety, stupidity, lack of direction, and chaos, which Sam's parents see in him quite a lot. While others, such as Sam's friends, tend to see his positive traits, his parents think he's incredibly naive to think that he can make a living as an actor.
Read Sam's character profile here:

Media: Ibis Paint X