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We're nearing the end of the Fortunus Games tarot deck's Major Arcana set!

After this, there's only a few more to go: Strength, the Magician, and Judgment.

The World represents assured success, flight, and change of place.

I chose Sam and Lina from my @tapas_app #graphicnovels "Sam in New York" and "Finding Sam" for this card because they both want to be successful in their chosen paths (Sam as an actor and filmmaker and Lina as a fashion designer). They want to flee the places they have been "assigned" to by their parents and society and want to achieve their goals at any cost.

As well, Sam and Lina become an established couple later down the line, so this card shows their oneness as well as their duality. After all, Sam comes from the (relatively) impoverished immigrant community of the Lower East Side, while Lina comes from a well-established old money family that's been in the country for generations.

Despite their differences, however, they help each other a lot to achieve their goals and develop a strong bond with each other.