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Eyolf the Seidhr

*A seidhr is a type of shaman or seer in the Viking Age.

This is a gift for the awesome Helevorn, whose novella "Lucky Wolf" can be seen on deviantart ( and Tapas ( This piece features the "Lucky Wolf" character Eyolf, who is a cunning and street-smart seidhr famous primarily for his fertility magic (i.e. he 'provides' women who cannot have children with their husband the chance to have children through various rituals).

In the novella "Lucky Wolf," Eyolf clashes with Yngvar, a serious, misanthropic warrior who suppresses his violent urges and has a strong sense of justice.

The background was inspired by modded screenshots of Skyrim taken by myself and other players of the game.

Eyolf - Viking Seidhr Speedpaint