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I've decided to start using a new watercolour style for my watercolour pieces. This style is characterized by lighter lines and a subtle, more understated "feel" than my old style, which looked too much like my digital (swipe left to see what I'm talking about).

In this portrait, Malka is about 12 years old. She's just returned from school and sees her parents yelling at each other yet again...this is why she often pours so much of her time into talking to the employees at her parents' business, "Spitzer's Shirts." Some of these employees include Rachel, Joel's mother, with whom she develops an (unexpected) camaraderie.

Although Rachel and Malka are very different, Rachel grows fond of the young girl. She likes how optimistic and confident Malka seems and hopes that one day, her son, Joel, can be the same. Perhaps, she also wishes she could be as optimistic as Malka, since she herself is bitter and angry (although she tries to suppress these traits at work).

All characters mentioned here are from my @tapas_app #graphicnovel, "The Book of Joel," which you can read here: