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This week's Tarot card is The Hierophant. This card features Ben Cox from my @tapas_app graphic novel, "Sam in New York."

I chose him because The Hierophant represents tradition and convention, which Ben has always sought after. He feels quite empty on the inside, but he feels that by adhering to convention, he can quell a lot of the fears about life and human nature. As such, he chooses to adopt a "sickeningly wholesome" (as @tete.depunk describes it) persona.

The two men in front of him are young Joel (on the left) and old Joel (on the right). This is a nod to the fact that in @tete.depunk's "Scale, Blood, and Bone," the AU version of Ben, Veniamen, influences Zhuel (SBB's equivalent of Joel) to do some things that will really impact the storyline.

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