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Happy Monday, everyone!

The Tarot card of this week is none other than Lina from my #graphicnovel, "Sam in New York" (link in bio to read it) as The Sun!
She's a good fit for this card since The Sun portends good fortune, happiness, success, and joy.

And this is what she sets out to accomplish in "Sam in New York" as well as in "Finding Sam." In all alternative timelines, she wants to be a designer and create her own path, rather than "just" a rich girl looking for a good match in marriage. She wants to define herself and not let her family, family status, and others around her define her.

Guess who is behind her, playing the Sun...! It's Sam, of course. He plays a large role in her story (as does she in his), which we got a glimpse of in "Finding Sam" (link in bio to read it as well)!

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