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Thoughtful Joel

Joel being thoughtful and thinking about himself, his relationships with others, and his family problems.

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We will learn more about Joel in the upcoming anthology of short stories about various “Sam in New York” characters (coming out in 2021)!

Growing up with verbal abuse at home and bullied throughout his childhood for his stutter, Joel never had a strong sense of self growing up. He didn’t like anything in particular and certainly didn’t like himself. It wasn’t until he joined debate club that he realized he was passionate about something.

But childhood scars can run deep and Joel still has a lot to work on. He wants to be a better person - less judgmental, less harsh, more forgiving, and less argumentative, but it’s hard when he’s trained himself since high school to be as argumentative as possible to prevent himself from ever being bullied or looked down upon again.

In this picture, he is thinking not only about what he can do to improve himself and his relationships with others, but also about his physicality. In general, he’s starting to like himself more, in both the physical and the emotional aspects. More about this later. Probably will write a short story about this! Will talk more about this on a future episode of our podcast, "The Nuts and Bolts of Writing"!

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