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This is a variation of another (uncensored) illustration, titled “ANTICIPATING," which you can view if you become a Patron for my Patreon:

Both of these works submitted are based on my graphic novel, "The Book of Joel," which you can learn more about here.

"The Book of Joel" explores the intimate relationship between two of my characters, Joel and Malka.

Much like myself, Malka is an artist, and she seeks to capture her affectionate and passionate feelings for Joel through her sketches of him.

“ANTICIPATION” is viewed through the eyes of Malka (and myself, as the artist/creator/writer), women who seek to reframe, deconstruct, and unpack how the human body, the concept of attraction, and gender are generally viewed. Further, Joel himself subverts traditional gender roles since he looks somewhat shy in these illustrations.

This full-colour painting subverts the traditional utilization of the male and/or dominant gazes and pose the following questions to the viewer: who gets to determine which body parts are attractive? What about the body is attractive to the viewer, and who gets to determine what attractiveness constitutes? What is the relationship between affection, sensuality, and attraction? Who is the observer and who is the observee?