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Media: watercolour, pencil, and pencil crayon

A painted sketch of Joel (the protagonist of my @tapascommunity comic “The Book of Joel” and one of the characters of my game “The Projection Room of Malka Spitzer”).

The colour scheme is inspired by Rapture, Bioshock’s underwater city. The building with the red windows is inspired by the Kashmir Reseaurant in Bioshock. Joel is supposed to be in New York City at night, though, not Rapture. I just liked Rapture’s colour scheme and wanted to paint him with those colours.

I’m halfway through playtesting and fixing bugs/spelling errors/other issues. Once I finish playtesting the game and let my beta testers do the testing, I’ll have more time for other creative pursuits.

The sketchbook is The Chanin Spiral by @paperblanks.